It now contains over 60 different guides to help my fellow players get started and advancing in these games. There are also a few guides for other games, such as Archeage and Bless Online. I strive to create the best guides on the subject, with simple and easy to understand instructions.

There are also a few pages with various lists that might come in handy, so be sure to bookmark them for future references. It probably would help to list the zones in archeage unchained where they have several of the gilda hunting quests — for example Hasla and Windscour both have hunt quests which makes for less traveling to complete multiple quests.

BDO 2018 Best Worker Nodes for Each Town [Black Desert Online] [Guide]

There you have a mistake about Manos Hunting Clothes. You need x50 Fire Horn, not x Please fix that if you can, thanks! And the guides is very helpful, thank you for it.

Thank you for the AA:U guides. The Hiram guide was exactly what I needed and very well done. Please note that the link for your Farm Cart guide is wrong. Good point. I will add it to the page soon. Thanks for pointing that put.

Thanks a lot, I am glad it helped. And thanks for letting me know about the link. Thank you for the AA:U guides!

Black Desert Wagon and Wagon Parts Guide

Thanks for the Manos guide. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Black Desert Online.

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Global Achievements. Skuf2 View Profile View Posts. Ok got two houses one for storage and one to live in I guess. They are empty Where do I get stuff for the interior? Do i need to buy or make storage boxes? If so what do I need to make them?

Pets now that is a whole other post??? Any information or guids would help tons. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. Pudding View Profile View Posts. Your "storage" house adds slots to the Storagekeeper's storage. Anything you want to have in storage you have to do through him.

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Walk into your residence and click on "Place Mode" with your furniture in inventory and you will be able to place it in your house. You can buy alchemy and cooking stations from the Inn NPC, but the best ones are crafted at the Tool Workshop by your workers. You go to the work supervisor and expend energy to roll workers. When you see one that you like, you can hire him.

Ideally, you want to only hire Skilled blueProfessional yellowor Artisan orange. You get 1 free worker slot per town. After that you have to put CP into Lodging if you want to get more in that town. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 30 Nov, pm. Posts: 4. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

All rights reserved.

How to find and use the warehouse/storage

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Dulfy 19 Comments Jan 3, Make sure you also completed [Boss] Witch-Hunting one of the Calpheon main quests. Talk to the Black Spirit and pick the quest Survival Guru. This will take you to the NPC in Behr. Talk to Likke Behr to finish the quest and then start the next quest from him: How to Survive the Wildness.

For this you will need to hand him. This will lead you to Jensen in Behr and give you the tools and anvils required by your camping tool. If you ever lose your Camping Tool, you can talk to Jensen in Behr and get it back for a single G gold bar.

Once you have the Camping Tool in your inventory, right click it and it will go into the top left of your screen. This will allow you to use it on all characters in your account. You can Install the Campsite outside safe zones cannot be installed on roads or inclines. It cannot be installed in Node War areas during Node Wars. The Campsite has three functions, each requiring an item to be slotted into it.

This is handy when they later on add the Pearl Shop camping tents that are orange in quality. You can Remote Collect the campsite from anywhere with the Remote Collection button.

black desert warehouse vs storage

There are also Villa Buffs that you can get that seems to require an Orange-grade tent purchased from the Pearl Shop. It will also allow you to purchase Extra Large potions and exchange silver into gold bars. This lasts for a week and after it expires you will need to purchase another for 14 million silver from the Old Moon Manager. The Repair function allow you to repair but it is more expensive than repairing at blacksmiths about 10 times more expensive — k to repair at campsite as opposed to 47k.

You may need to wait for the Pearl Shop version which have infinite durability. It costs 2. You can store 16 items in it and up to LT. It is not family shared and can be only retrieved by the character that stored it. You can remote collect tents with items stored in it.

Old Moon Managers sell the items to repair your anvil and the weekly contract for storage and shop. Hey, are you sure it is possible to refresh an anvil? If so, how? I heard that the only way is to get new one. The anvil degrades in 24 hrs but you can refresh it by buying an Old Moon Anticorrosive from the Old Moon Manager that allow you to use it for 24 more hours for k silver continuously.

But how can I use this Old Moon Anticorrosive on my anvil, since the only thing I am allowed to do with it is processing. Looks like you will need to craft it everytime it expires which makes it significantly more annoying and unworthwhile.By MaxwellMarch 6, in General Discussion. So pretty sure this is a bug but things my workers store or I store cannot be withdrawn as it states that there is no item even though it's currently in the warehouse.

I even tried storing silver and I cannot get it out at all; the problem for me is that I'm trying to feed my workers but now I can't even after traveling all the way from calpheon to Veila just to try and grab it out of the warehouse :.

Did your value pack run out? If it has any item in the inventory slots that the value pack added aren't available. You will either have to buy a new value pack or take stuff out of your active slots to free up space. Could not do the intro processing quests cause of it since they want you to use workers to make black powder and potato crates and it shows 0 in bank when it's not true. I could not remove items with a no item invalid item error message.

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But when I zoned changed servers it worked. Changing characters might have the same effect so you dont see it. I have same issue. Disappearing silvers and withdraw problems. I probably lost m silver in warehouse which is important amount for first week of the game.

I think game is really annoying for life skillers right now. There are many problems.

black desert warehouse vs storage

Can you give a link to this from PA? I only ask because it's been a topic here and there. I cannot give link. I remember Eu and mena, and some other mmo s goes under maintenance every week on wednesday so i supposed it will be same for xbox.

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But yeah I've experienced this bug too and like another user mentioned, a temporary solution is to relog or change channels. Was good for a few hours.This form allows to Log in to BlackDesert. You have two options: use your e-mail and password or Facebook account. If you do not remember your password, simply leave this field blank and you will receive a new, along with a link to activate.

This form allows to Create new account at BlackDesert. A special link with confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. Click the link and your account is ready. You will will receive an activation link on the specified email.

You can specify your own password, or leave this field blank, and it will be generated automatically. You can specify a separate login instead of using email for enter. Log in. Your full name for displaying on site.

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Create Account. Log in Register. Toggle navigation. Housing in Black Desert. Comments 5. Not having to compete with other players for a location does not equate to not having a limited number of houses, it simply means you will not have to compete for a location, which is correct, cause houses are instanced, you are reading way to much into that statement and I would rely on what is being posted here which is much more thorough and detailed instead of the one quote you are going off of, which btw, is misleading for a reason i'm sure.

So, in theory, could every player on a server own living space, or is there a limited of spots, which can all be taken, resulting in some players being unable to buy a home? I'm very confused because I feel like this and that other site say contradictory things. Did you not read the article? But the number of players on one server is much bigger. Thus not every player will have his own home.

Houses are rented via contribution points, and instanced, there are no competitions or auctions. Welcome Guest! Log in to write comments. If you don't have account you can create new Here. Welcome New Members! Unofficial website dedicated to Black Desert Online game.

Theorycrafting information and Knowledge base supported by community. Time: 0.

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This website was created by fans for fans.You can find even more helpful information for choosing the best gun case for the money in our section on How to Choose a Rifle Case.

This is certainly better than many cases that claim to fit 2 rifles. A lot of the cases that do so will only fit the 2 rifles without the scopes.

black desert warehouse vs storage

The five layers of protective foam within the case keep your weapons and accessories secure and safe from impact. Durable construction makes the case itself crush-proof, so even under extreme conditions, the contents of the case will be completely safe and free of harm! It is also dust-proof as well as weather-resistant making it perfect for storage and transport.

On the outside of this Pelican rifle case, you will find 6 individual latches. These keep the case tightly secured. Operating the latches is easy thanks to a convenient push-button design. Among these 6 latches, you will find 4 lock eyelets made using strong and durable stainless steel. These allow you the option to add locks to your case for added security.

This is an important step that is strongly recommended for proper safety, storage, and transportation. Special heavy-duty handles on the case are designed ergonomically with comfort and durability in mind.

One more great feature you get with the case is the automatic pressure valve. This is a big part of what allows this case to be so efficient and even dust-proof. The case seals shut but the valve allows the pressure to be regulated to allow this seal to work with no issues and no concerns about your equipment!

You can certainly fit two rifles into this case including room for accessories as well. It is only a little smaller than the Vault by Pelican case. A continuous Dri-Loc seal provides excellent protection from the elements with this weather-resistant case. The pressure release valve allows this to be possible by automatically adjusting the pressure inside the case to match the pressure outside of the case. The case is both watertight as well as dust-proof to guarantee your rifles stay protected even in more extreme conditions.

This Plano case features 4 external latches. This is 2 less than the Pelican case above, but it is still very secure.

Buy Black Desert (RU)

A pressure valve, just like that of the Pelican case, makes this possible by keeping the pressure equal in and out of the case. It also has 4 sets of lock eyelets just like the Pelican case.

This allows you to add external locks as desired to further increase security. Enclosed easy-glide wheels add extra convenience to this rather large case by allowing you to simply pull the case behind you with ease. A special pluck-to-fit foam inside the case makes it incredibly easy to customize the foam to your exact needs. The way this works is simple — the foam comes perforated so that you can easily and quickly pull out the pieces you want to remove. This lets you create a perfect shape inside the foam for your weapons as well as any accessories.Warehouses are a bankbox-like option of storage in a fixed location instead of the players inventory.

Personal storage is accessed by player through the Storage Keeper in larger cities, the personal storage box bought from the Keeper and placed into a Residence. This type is accessible by Workers so they can withdraw resources needed for crafting and placing their goods into it.

Your personal warehouse is shared across a single familyand has a transport function to move goods between Warehouses.

Guild warehouses ares accessed through the door in the Guild Hall and shared among guild members. Any item except a bound item can be deposited into the Warehouse, and the Warehouse has no weight limit.

Currency can also be deposited into the Warehouse, and can be used to purchase from vendors, the Auction House or pay for transport between Warehouses of connected nodes.

The number of available Warehouse slots can be expanded by purchasing housing units which have storage as an option. Initial storage is free for each region and character. The housing type "storage", which can be purchased in some houses with contribution points allows you to increase the size of the storage available in the corresponding region.

black desert warehouse vs storage

With each storage unit purchased in a region the number of slots of that region's storage increases by 3. You can move items or money in the form of gold bars by rented transport means from one regions warehouse to another as long as you have enough money to pay the fee placed into the warehouse of origin of the items.

The menu is accessed through the Storage Keeper or World Map, transport option. The price to Transport items increases with distance.

Housing in Black Desert

If origin and destination are not linked the delivery fee will be tripled. You can keep track of your progress by looking for a gift icon on your world map, and it will show you exactly where your items are during the transport process. The transport will happen automatically but the shipment needs to be claimed at the destination via the storage keeper or storage box. Deliveries can't be claimed if the destination warehouse is full. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Increasing Warehouse Slots The number of available Warehouse slots can be expanded by purchasing housing units which have storage as an option.

Each village offers a basic 8-slot Warehouse. You can increase this by another 16 by purchasing storage housing units. Transportation You can move items or money in the form of gold bars by rented transport means from one regions warehouse to another as long as you have enough money to pay the fee placed into the warehouse of origin of the items.

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