O nimusha Warlords was originally released almost 18 years ago on the PlayStation 2. Originally planned for release on the PlayStation One, the developers thought it would be best if they developed the title for the more powerful PlayStation 2. The IP was planned as a trilogy and players take on the role of Samanosuke Akechi in Onimusha Warlords with the game set in the Sengoku period. The game turned out to be a fantastic hack and slash experience with addictive combat and a story that was surprisingly interesting well, besides the cringe worthy voice acting.

The original Onimusha turned out to be a commercial and critical success. This was followed Genma Onimushaa port of the game for the original Xbox. This version featured better graphics, new areas, 5. So, after several years of absence, the series is finally back, albeit in the form a remaster. The remastered version of the game is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, and it seems like the developers are testing the waters for a potential sequel and more remasters if this performs well for them.

What the future holds for the franchise remains to be seen but what kind of improvements does this remaster bring over the original PlayStation 2 version?

We tested the game on the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC versions and the game largely seems to showcase minor improvements along with a solid boost to resolution. Character models have seen the biggest improvements with character armor and facial textures now possessing clearly defined details. This improvement in detail is also visible on the various enemies which now showcase better polygonal detail than their original counterparts. Furthermore, environmental detail like doors, architectures and individual objects have also given a boost in texture filtering.

Other improvements include better particle and post processing effects along with sharper looking cutscenes and FMVs. On the performance front, all versions run at a rock solid 60 frames per second.

We noticed next to no frame rate drops on any of the three versions we analyzed. This immediately gives the remastered version a noticeable advantage over its PlayStation 2 counterpart. Unfortunately, not everything here has been optimized for current generation of hardware. So, overall, the remastered version of Onimusha Warlords presents some decent improvements over the PlayStation 2 version. On the PC front, the game requires an Intel Core i7 3. Besides the resolution, there is no way to improve various graphical parameters like level of detail, texture quality or anti aliasing.

The PC version feels like a barebones remaster and seems like a missed opportunity for the developers.Che state aspettando? In ambito computazionale, invece, le differenze sono praticamente nulle. Passando ora a parlare della famiglia di casa Redmond, anche in questo caso ci troviamo a dover dire che son disponibili due diverse varianti della console: Xbox One S e Xbox One X. Esattamente come con PS4, inoltre, anche i due modelli di Xbox One sono pensati per due target differenti e sono a loro volta studiati per andare in diretta competizione con le due soluzioni di Sony; guardiamo insieme cosa possiamo aspettarci da questi due sistemi.

PS4 Pro, infatti, supporta il 4K ma in up-scaling, offrendo risultati buoni ma non paragonabili a quelli di Xbox One X. Se vuoi ricevere ogni settimana consigli per i tuoi acquisti, le migliori offerte e conoscere il nostro dietro le quinte, iscriviti alla Ridble newsletter! Se siete alla ricerca di un bundle che include la console nel taglio da 1 TB, in questo caso le opzioni disponibili sono molteplici.

Per gli amanti di Minecraft, invece, segnaliamo un bundle con Xbox One S sempre nel taglio da 1 TB in accoppiata ad un abbonamento Gamepass della durata di un mese ed al Minecraft Creators Pack. Puoi acquistare Xbox One S su Amazon. Qui di seguito potete trovare diversi link dai quali potrete comprare la console.

Ti segnaliamo che per i prodotti in vendita su Amazon puoi usufruire delle spedizioni rapide e di tanti altri servizi privilegiati attraverso un account Amazon Prime: per attivarlo clicca qui. Nel corso degli anni ho accumulato migliaia di ore di gameplay su tutte le console di rilievo.

meglio xbox o ps2

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. PS4 vs Xbox One: i migliori bundle. Il tuo nome. La tua email. Acconsento alla privacy policy. Compra su Amazon. Tutto su PS4 Slim Specifiche. Compra su eBay. PS4 Pro 1 TB.

Compra su Gamestop. Xbox One S. Compra su Microsoft Store. Tutto su Xbox One S Specifiche. Xbox One X. Tutto su Xbox One X Specifiche. Altre guide della collana Quale console comprare. PS4 vs PS4 Pro. Miglior console portatile. PS4 chassis D. PS4 Chassis C. Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite. Miglior console retrogaming. Nintendo Switch vs Wii U. PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One. Xbox One S vs Xbox One. Anche tu?

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Se hai ulteriori domande chiedi a Federico Parravicini tramite i commenti.Si tratta naturalmente di una sfida circoscritta, che non vuole certo dare un giudizio definitivo sulla questione. Le versioni PlayStation 3 dei giochi esaminati sono risultate migliori delle controparti per Xbox in tre casi su quattro.

meglio xbox o ps2

Devil May Cry 4, se si esclude l'estenuante attesa della prima installazione, risulta ancora una volta migliore sulla console Sony, soprattutto per merito del Sixaxis. Se Burnout Paradise non nasconde la maggior cura riposta dagli sviluppatori nei confronti della versione per PS3, Assassin's Creed, al contrario, vince su Xbox grazie a un comparto grafico di maggior valore.

I luoghi comuni sono duri a morire, ma questi titoli evidenziano una chiara inversione di tendenza rispetto all'opinione diffusa che i titoli multipiattaforma siano migliori su Xbox L'xbox ha nettamente piu potenza di calcolo mentre la ps3 ha dei filtri che fanno apparire i giochi piu belli graficamene Trending News. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, dead at CDC singles out 3 critical coronavirus symptoms. WH moves Bush, Clinton portraits to disused room. Lunch outing ended up infecting NFL star's family.

Fox News host fact-checks Trump during interview. Fox News host praised for correcting Trump over tweet. Governor breaks with Dems on next coronavirus stimulus. NBA star looks dramatically slimmer at Disney World. White House doc shows 18 states in virus 'red zone'. Answer Save. La PS3. How do you think about the answers?

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You can sign in to vote the answer. Sono piu o meno li e per notare la differenza bisogna essere dei maniaci Show more answers 4. Still have questions?

Get your answers by asking now.While the PS2's Emotion Engine has a lot of potential, developers have continuously stated that the platform is too difficult to program for. In terms of raw performance, the Celeron 4-way set associative L2 will outperform the PowerPC running at MHz in any of the synthetic benchmarks we've seen.

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Where the GameCube does clearly come out on top however is in heat production and die size. The PS2's Graphics Synthesizer is entirely too dependent on extreme parallelism in order to fill its 16 pixel pipelines which could be the cause of many of the slowdowns we've seen in games for the platform.

Microsoft Xbox vs Sony PlayStation 2

Many of Electronic Arts' titles have been ported to both GameCube and Xbox and the first thing everyone seems to notice is that the slowdown problems that existed with the PS2 are now gone.

Again this is another situation in which it would have been beneficial to have ATI's input into the design of the product before it was finalized. Games such as Dead or Alive 3 are perfect examples of how easy it is for developers to write these custom pixel and vertex shader programs as well as how great the results can be. Both Flipper and the NV2A support texture-compression which plays a major role in the use of higher-resolution textures in games.

On the launch titles for the GameCube we've seen a number of lower resolution textures being used compared to the Xbox launch titles. That could just be a sign of the early adopters not taking advantage of the technology yet or it could be due to a lack of main memory bandwidth, it's too early to tell.

The clear winner when it comes to audio is the Xbox. While Dolby Pro Logic II support is great, it isn't widely supported by most of today's receivers and lacks many of the benefits of Dolby Digital 5.

There have been too many failures in the past of console add-on products to expect incredible success from any add-on product to either of the competing consoles. What is interesting to note is that in spite of the hard drive and faster DVD drive, Xbox load times are still not dramatically better than the GameCube load times. We have yet to compare one title on both platforms to figure out which one loads faster in theory the Xbox should but current GameCube titles experience much quicker load times than Xbox titles.

If cache is so fast, then why isn't everything made out of it? PS2 vs. Xbox Final Words.

What's better: Xbox or PS2?

CPUs While the PS2's Emotion Engine has a lot of potential, developers have continuously stated that the platform is too difficult to program for. GPUs The PS2's Graphics Synthesizer is entirely too dependent on extreme parallelism in order to fill its 16 pixel pipelines which could be the cause of many of the slowdowns we've seen in games for the platform.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. POST A COMMENT 4 Comments View All Comments cubeguy2k5 - Monday, December 20, - link feel that anandtechs article on xbox vs ps2 vs gamecube didnt go in depth enough, guessed at too many things, and intentionally got others wrong, not sure where to discuss this at, would like to get a thread going Flipper always operates on 4 pixels at a time using its 4 pixel pipelines; each of those pipelines is capable of applying one texture per pipeline which immediately tips you off that the ArtX design wasn't influenced by ATI at all.

Since the Radeon and GeForce2, both ATI and NVIDIA's cores have been able to process a minimum of two textures per pixel in each of their pipelines which came quite in handy since none of today's games are single textured anymore. Can you elaborate on this feature? Have you used it? Do you know if the effects it allows are reproducible on other architectures at decent framerates? Imagine it like an elaborate switchboard that makes the wildest combinations of textures and materials possible.

The TEV pipeline combines up to 8 textures in up to 16 stages in one go.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Community Question: What are the most important things to consider when adding a cooling system to your computer? Thread starter Vampirrella Start date Jul 22, Sidebar Sidebar.

Forums Software Windows. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Vampirrella Golden Member.

Apr 5, 1, 0 First 2 months free and a choice of a new ps2 or xbox gaming console package. Im really only big on PC gaming and have never owned a console so im really stumped as what to take. I do know that i like online gaming the most and playing with others in MP games. Dunno if one console outbeats the other in that dept.

Onimusha Warlords HD Remaster – PS2 vs PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X vs PC Comparison

Any websites out there that discuss ps2 vs xbox for noobs like myself? Many thx!!Although the PS2 features an integrated toslink optical audio output on the console itself, it is only used for AC-3 and DTS passthrough as the console itself does not support any form of Dolby Digital encoding.

This gives you an idea of the power of the VUs and now that EA has done it you can expect game developers to attempt to duplicate EA's success in future titles.

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The unfortunate downside to this is that it takes a decent amount of power to enable DTS encoding through one of the VUs which is power taken away from physics, AI or a 3D setup engine. We've seen mediocre to decent support for 5. Gaming, after all, is about putting the gamer in the position of the character they're playing; true 5. While the graphics of those original PSX titles are slightly improved the main benefit is that the PSX user base can easily migrate over to the new platform.

Upon the PS2's release Sony should have outfitted the system with a hard drive since the memory cards are not only very expensive but also very slow to access. The PS2's expansion bay is actually the perfect size for a hard drive add-on which Sony has been planning for a while now but with the release of the Xbox and GameCube it may be too little, too late for the platform. The USB and i. Link IEEE support of the PS2 has gone relatively unused and with online gaming as the clear future for consoles, the platform is in dire need of an Ethernet controller as well.

PS4 slim vs Xbox One S - La MIGLIORE console ECONOMICA?

Microsoft on the other hand has been very strict with what expansion options they wish to offer for the Xbox. We think so.

meglio xbox o ps2

Disassembling the Unit PS2 vs. Xbox: Graphics Processors PS2 vs.

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PS2 vs. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The author did an excellent job of researching the platforms. Keep up the good work! Privacy Policy. Contact Us. Terms of Use. Show Full Site. All rights reserved. Log in Don't have an account? Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Lost your password?Both Systems are evenly matched, but there are more games created for the PS2 as opposed to the original Xbox, and there are still new games bieng made for the PS2 now inand the production of original Xbox games has been cancelled ever since the launch of the xbox Also the PS2's software last longer than the xbox, also the PS2's system has better resolution and sound.

So I definitly recommend the PS2 because the original xbox is a piece of junk, im suprised that the 1st xbox lasted so long!!!! Well, Sony has a way bigger game collection, but the Xbox has better graphics, a huge hard drive and very realistic games. But if it's the game collection your after, the PS2 is the way to go. The PS2 though will be a pain in the rear later.

I say this bcuz you will have to get a big mem card or a few of them as your game collection gets bigger, which will become a pain to your wallet.

With the Xbox all you will need to spend money on is a few controllers. Thats probably the extent of your spending with the Xbox. Trending News. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, dead at CDC singles out 3 critical coronavirus symptoms. WH moves Bush, Clinton portraits to disused room. Lunch outing ended up infecting NFL star's family. Fox News host fact-checks Trump during interview. Fox News host praised for correcting Trump over tweet.

NBA star looks dramatically slimmer at Disney World. Were the actions of federal agents in Portland legal? White House doc shows 18 states in virus 'red zone'. I want the one with best games and most. Answer Save. NP Lv 6.

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